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Age 12

"I love TWJ because it is a way to connect with Jesus – just you and Him. I love the sound effects that help you imagine what it would be like to be a part of the story. TWJ helps me to feel closer to God and build a better relationship with Him"


Age 12

“It really helped me to think of Him instead of someone who is up there in Heaven...... He is here with us now - we don't need to be scared to talk to Him. He is not like the Queen of England where we have to speak in a special way either, we can just be ourselves.”

“It sort of helped the way it talked about Jesus...about Him racing up the hill. It's like I imagine Jesus like a Dad to somebody.”


Age 8

“When I listened to it (TWJ), it made me feel like I was with Him (Jesus) and I would be thinking about it all the time. It made me feel like He would help me whenever I needed help!

I felt like He was always going to be there with me, especially when I needed Him.”


Age 8

“I like TWJ because it helps me to get closer to Jesus. I enjoy listening to the stories in the bible. My favourite thing about TWJ is about being with my family and imagining”


Age 10

“When I listened to it (TWJ) , it made me feel that Jesus was my friend. It made me feel like He loved me.”


Age 11

“I found TWJ good because you can reflect on your life and know what mistakes you have made and change them in the future”


Age 5

“I felt like He was always on our side. He always loves us in our heart.”


Age 6

“It's quite relaxing and calming. It's quite nice and it feels like Jesus is really with you there. And its kind of making you feel a bit happy....and relaxing”


Age 5

 “ I like you can have quiet time with Jesus. I like it (TWJ) because you can pray if you are thinking about sad times you can talk to Jesus about that. It’s about Jesus and He is real and He is actually King of Kings! Its not just a story- its not lies. Its actually saying a true thing”

“Also, He (Jesus) loves you always and he will listen to you when you are praying. If you like Jesus you will have a big smile on your face”


Age 6

“You get to close your eyes and you get to be apart of the story. You get to be in it. Also it tells different stories”


Age 3

What do you like about listening to this CD? (while being shown the TWJ CD)

“For praying...for God. Yep, that's it”

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