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Firstly I'd like to thank Charbel Raish and the team at Parousia for believing in this project and for producing it. A special thanks to Phill Brooks for his expertise and patience in recording and editing... and editing... and editing...

To the wonderful cast: Celie, Sam, Chris, Tony, Janet, Harley and Kate,  Kristina, Yvonne, Antony and Tim. Thank you for your generous time, your voice and faith. This would not have been possible without you.


Thanks to Michael Noone of Nuance Branding & Design for his creative design of the Beheld Media logo and the CD cover.


My appreciation to Voice of Charity Australia for the use of their recording studio.


To the countless people who have inspired, shared and supported the creative journey of this project. Firstly, to the Verbum Dei Missionaries who taught me how to pray with the living Word of God - I am forever grateful!! If I hadn't have met you this project simply could not have been. To those who have reviewed scripts: Lukas and Kristina Rajnoch, Ana Casey, Grant Dodds and Lee Hoffman. Thanks for your wisdom and input. A special thanks to Kristina Pincevic who has reviewed almost everything! She has prayed, encouraged and given me counsel – thank you.


To my beautiful husband Dan, who has been part of every step of this journey. I cannot thank you enough. I love you.


Thank you to all the children who I have had the pleasure of knowing and teaching.  You constantly remind me that the Holy Spirit is alive and active. I want to especially thank Xavier Rajnoch and our son Timothy Kensey – you have helped shape these passages. I love watching you grow in your friendship with Jesus!

To all who have prayed for TWJ - my heartfelt thanks.

This is God's project – all glory to Him!

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