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Hi... I'm Cate Kensey - wife, mother, and creator of Time with Jesus ('TWJ'). ​


I'm also the face behind Beheld Media - the vehicle which I've used to bring TWJ to life. The name was inspired by one of my favourite Scriptures:

My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret,

intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

Your eyes beheld my unformed substance.

(Psalm 139:15)

God, my Heavenly Father, reminds me that even before I was born, before I even knew myself, He knew me. He created me. His eyes gazed upon me, lovingly and tenderly. I often forget this truth. But Jesus, in my own personal time with Him, gazes lovingly upon me and reminds me of His Father's love. This, I believe, is what the heart of prayer is.

​TWJ is the fruit of my own faith journey. My own relationship with God was transformed when, in 2003, I was introduced to a community of missionary women whose vocation is to show people how they can meet Jesus personally and be changed by His love, through prayerful contemplation on the Word of God. I have continued to pray in this way and it is what sustains my daily walk with Jesus.

In 2015, then a wife, and mum to a five year old son, I started teaching Scripture in the local public school. I loved teaching the children all about the love that Jesus had for them. I would end each lesson by leading lead them in prayer, having them repeat the words of a prayer after me.

After some months I sensed that, while the children were certainly growing in their knowledge of God, what they really needed was to know God – to be given the space and freedom to encounter Jesus, alive and present to them here and now. I wondered then whether I might be able to lead them in praying with the Word of God, just as I had learnt to do, and which lead me to encounter Jesus personally.

From then on I started to use a rudimentary form of prayer that you hear in the TWJ meditations.

The impact on the children was tangible - they became more engaged in the time of prayer; there was a stillness in the room as we prayed; when sharing with the class what had happened during their time with Jesus their faces lit up and they spoke with joy. When recollecting their time with Jesus it was evident that Jesus was now someone who they knew and loved, with comments such as:


“I rode on a donkey with Jesus!!”​

“I really liked giving Jesus a big hug”

“I walked on the water towards Jesus!!”


And so TWJ was born… in a classroom full of seven year olds, most of whom had never been inside a church. They were telling me all about this person Jesus. And my heart was transformed again!!!

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